Reventu Commitment: Our Commitment to the World


  1. Reventu is a company founded on the principals of a sustainable and equitable system of commerce that benefit all people. 

  1. Reventu believes that every human being has the right to equality, liberty, and justice. 

  1. Reventu believes that every human being has the right to a healthy, active, and learned life. 

  1. Reventu believes working for a company should not degrade one’s life but rather should enrich it beyond monetary means alone and allow citizen’s greatest assets to be invested in the communities in which they live. 

  1. Reventu believes that all companies have a societal obligation to protect the valuable resources that sustain life on Earth. 

  1. Reventu will act to create sustainable systems to the waste that is created due to its product and service creation, including after products have been sold to customers. 

  1. Reventu will not knowingly sell that which is harmful to any human or to the earth. 

  1. Reventu will take responsibility for the loss of finite human and material resources it employs to sustain itself.

  1. Reventu will work to support public policy that benefits the greatest good to a diversity of people and natural resources and will not abuse its position by supporting public policies that solely benefit the company, the company’s profits, or the company’s political power.

  1. Reventu will maintain transparency, integrity, and devotion to the human community beyond its entity and will maintain a responsibility to that community throughout the life of the company.