Sustainability is not something we do, it is what we are. As a company, and as stewards of the lands we love, we look at sustainability as something we practice, not just preach. Sustainability is essential to our mission and we attempt to analyze everything we do through our mission of sustainable practices. 

Sustainability is often about trade-offs that will have impacts upon the earth’s resources, including every living organism on the planet. Very few sustainability solutions, if any, are completely free of degradation to the environment. We strive hard to weigh those trade-offs in everything we do. We desire nothing more than to construct systems and create possibilities to help ourselves, our customers, and even other companies to adopt an environmental and humane ethic that is unprecedented in modern consumerism. 

We will always base our decisions on reason and research with complete transparency. We desire to be a company that does not just talk about sustainability, we want to be a company where our actions speak for themselves. We welcome questions, thoughts, concerns, and general comments about our processes and mission initiatives. We know that sound knowledge, great ideas, and helpful suggestions come from all over and we want to encourage you to help us along the way. You may do so by contacting us through the from here.


Recommerce - We started this company knowing that reuse is a major component in the multi-layered system to mitigate the effects of climate change. Reuse is one of the most sustainable practices, behind reducing, that companies and people can integrate into their practices and lives. It wastes fewer resources, prolongs the life of resources already consumed, allows time for innovative sustainable solutions to be created, and it sends a clear message to companies and manufacturers that sustainability is of major importance to consumers. Recommerce is the cornerstone of our business and our mission.


  It has two parts: 


Receiving items from consumers and brands to put into the Recommerce Market -

    • We call this “Reventuring Your Gear” and we think it is a great way for underutilized items in someone’s closet to be taken out and receive a new value and life in the pursuits of another. This also gives value back to the consumer Reventuring their items and allows them to put that credit to a new adventure for themselves or a family member. 


Selling those items to customers via our webstore -

We strive to bring the best of recommerced outdoor apparel and gear to each and every person who desires to go outside and adventure. We do this by: 

      • Selecting the very best brands that have demonstrated superiority in terms of design and durability 

      • By only accepting and offering the highest quality recommerced items to you in our store, you can trust our products when it comes to recommerce. We want to prove that recommerce can be as dependable and quality assured as a new product. 

      • Offering all of our products at a cost that is affordable for all, enabling anyone to start their adventure.

      • Our goal is that you come to us first before buying new. In doing so we meet our mission of creating a sustainable business while creating conscious consumers who choose sustainability and experiences over anything else


Shipping - Shipping logistics can be a major polluter in the supply chain to get products in the hands of consumers. Expedited shipping and returns create more heft to that system. When possible, Reventu strives to localize logistical loops by receiving products locally and selling locally. We offer shipment and pickup by bike courier to select zip codes to lessen our carbon footprint with emissions from vehicles. When the logistical loop is on a national scale we will give the option of sending the products via ground in order to reduce the emissions necessary to get products into consumer’s hands. 


Packaging - We use 100% recycled poly mailers that can be used at least two times due to the double sealers embedded in them. We use these due to the fact that every item we get is unique and makes uniform custom packaging difficult. The advantages of these mailers are that they can be reused for easy returns by customers. They are created with 100% recycled material,  are exceptionally durable and waterproof. The downside to them is they are made of plastic and although they can be recycled they cannot be put into a single stream recycling system or facility. This is why we have a recycling program.

Any customer can send our polybags back so we can recycle them properly. We are currently working on a program where we will credit those customers who have an account with us a certain amount per bag plus reimbursement of postage. This is part of our philosophy to take responsibility for every item within the fabric of the company.  

We never put plastic bags around products to ship them nor do we use packaging materials harmful to the environment. In fact, outside of the occasional promotional mailer, we strive to not ship any unnecessary items with your product. This ensures that customers have less to deal with in terms of recyclables once a package arrives.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our process to better serve our sustainability mission and our consumer base. Our packaging will change as we develop better data and systems to analyze our needs. 


Reuse, Repair, Recycle - Obviously, we have a big emphasis on reuse (hey, it's our whole business model!). We feel strongly that people should strive to repair and recycle. We want to lead that charge and as we grow we desire to develop robust systems for repair and recycling of outdoor goods. Until then, we hope to offer content and guidance on how best to do just that. Look out for our blog and permanent website pages for that information as we build it out.


New Product Process - A question we often receive is:, “Will you ever offer new products?”. The simple answer is “yes”. We would consider selling new products if: 

  • A recommerced product may endanger someone’s  health (such as climbing hardware) 

  • That item is perishable and cannot be recommerced (such as food products). 

 In order to serve our broader community we are considering the potential for offering a select amount of “virgin” products such as climbing hardgoods and softgoods and performance foods and supplements. 


Education - We hope to use our content to help educate our greater consumer base. We know that there is a lot of noise out there when it comes to sustainability. This is why we want to offer content that is pertinent, focused on practical action, and trustworthy in its substance and approach. 

As we grow we hope to offer better and more abundant content.