Why I’ll Never Buy New Clothes Again

My partner was cleaning out her closet and laid an Arc’Teryx ¼ zip fleece pullover on the bed and said, “Here, you can have this back, I rarely wear it anymore.”

I had given it to her from my own closet clean out years earlier. I eyed the piece. I had completely forgotten about it. I instantly felt compelled to put it on. It fit perfectly and looked surprisingly as if I had just purchased it off the rack.

A curiosity started to bubble up inside of me. How old was this piece?. My memory served me well, I could pinpoint the exact year I purchased it and calculated that this wonderfully preserved and extremely comfortable fleece was 14 years old.

I put the fleece back into my daily winter repertoire of warm clothes to wear on those drafty winter mornings. But the fleece was more than just a piece of clothing, it was a living object that aroused memories of past adventures, times with friends, and somehow imbued those chilly mornings waking out of the back of my truck and warming my hands with a backpacking stove.

As much as the fleece is a portal to the memories of my past it also represents the crossroad of the present. I embarked on a journey to create a company that would be mission-driven to create simple sustainable alternative solutions for consumers worldwide.

The fleece represents my premise in a nutshell. Take a garment of exceptional quality, take good care of it and you will receive decades of use from it. When you take that premise and put it up against how much apparel is created every year, even just in the outdoor recreation industry alone. Then consider how much we as consumers purchase apparel and jettison it on a yearly basis; it adds up to a lot of apparel circulating out there.

For me, outside of the basic undergarments and socks, I should be able to find any item I desire whether for a dinner party, the office, or the next adventure into the backcountry post-consumed.

Which means, I’ll never have to buy new again, as long as there is a way to easily find those products and get them into the hands of people who want good quality items allowing them to carry out their daily adventures and collect memories into each piece of garment they own.

I started Reventu for this very reason and I’ve learned through the process that there is so much great stuff out there waiting to be swept up into a backpacking trip, an exotic traveling stint, or by the home fire with the kids that no one will ever have to buy new again, if they don’t want to.