Introducing Reventu's Basecamp Blog

Basecamp may be a makeshift home on a week-long stint into the high mountains, a couch in a villa while you explore the local flare, a crash pad in a van outside a slow-moving stream, or a city apartment where you lay your head for many a night between your adventures.

For us basecamp is as much a state of mind as it is a place. Somewhere to regroup, refuel, contemplate, rest, and prepare for the next cycle of travels and adventures. It’s a place that grounds you to what you are, who you aspire to be, and helps you plan for that next great adventure and phase of your life.

We started the Reventu Basecamp Blog in the same spirit. Here you will find the lowdown on what’s going on at Reventu, information about sustainability and sustainable practices, uplifting stories about adventure life, the quest for equity in the outdoor recreation space, how to get involved in the outdoors, gear reviews, tips on repair and reuse, outdoor and travel know-how, and much much more. Like everything we attempt to do, we have a hefty dose of ambition to push it forward, and our blog and content will be no exception.

We know there is already so much content out there and your time is the most valuable asset you possess. We're not going to take your valuable time for granted. We aim to keep posts concise, easily digestible, and worthy of your reading. We certainly hope you find our blog insightful, inspiring, provocative, and educational. It is the amplifier for our voice in this great and massive community. As always, we welcome your feedback, thoughts, and insights. If you have something that you feel we should touch on in our blog, feel free to reach out too. Click here to contact us about blog related content.

We look forward to this journey and what we discover together.